• "Easy to Use"

    Great product that does the job. I purchased the NNN-BC option for my Altai Hok skis and found the binding easy to use, stable and no issues so far.

    Gary B., United States

  • "Super Convenient"

    It was super convenient, easy to put on boot, and to get on ski. It worked well. Like all three pin bindings it was squeaky. I found the ratchet and the release easy to figure out and operate.

    Andy C., Alaska, United States

  • "Impressed With the Performance"

    The harness worked surprisingly well. We were both impressed with the performance of the Nordic-Step and will be recommending others to try them out when they become available.

    Rod B., Wisconsin, United States

  • "Worked Great!"

    The bindings worked great! Easy to use buckles, even with gloves on. Great application for youth groups as introduction to cross country skiing.

    Jim P., New Hampshire, United States

  • "Binding is Cleaver and Works Well"

    The binding is clever and works well with most NNN/ProLink bindings. The ski control was what I expected; similar to Berwin bindings.

    Scott D,. Minnesota, United States

  • "Extremely Easy to Attach"

    The Nordic-Step bindings were extremely easy to attach and remove from boots and very functional while skiing. Comfort depends on the boots or shoes you choose to wear with them.

    Don N,. United States

  • "Worked Great"

    I love that I can wear any type of boot with my skis. It did feel a little different not having a flat boot, but once I adjusted the bindings worked great.

    Amanda, Michigan, United States

  • "Buckles Never Slipped"

    I used Altai Hoks with 3-pin bindings with mukluks. The fit was stable and easy to enter and adjust. I had good control of the skis. The buckles never slipped from where they were set. Great idea!

    Ed F, Massachusettes

  • "Very Easy to Adjust"

    Loved those sturdy, all-around, well-designed fixes. I used them for a few hours on untracked powdered snow with my leather hiking boots.Very easy to adjust. Great feeling on level grounds. At their best on those kind of terrains but can go on mildly steep ones.

    Marc B,. Québec, Canada